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Why Gilligan Auctioneers?

Choosing an estate agent is an important part of selling your home and there are a number of considerations which should be taken into account.

If you used the same estate agent before, did the agent do a good job?

Do they respond to telephone calls/ emails quickly?

Do they have a website to advertise your property ?

How long has the estate agent been operating in the area? This may reflect on how well the agent know the area and in particular the market in this area.

Do they have a list of potential buyers interested in a property like yours? And if not, what happens if they can”t find a buyer?

Choose quality of service over price. You need an agent who will sell your property quickly obtaining the best possible price.

You need to agree on the best selling features of your property.

You may wish to ask your agent what kind of qualifications/experience they have and if they belong to a professional estate agent organisation (e.g.: I.A.V.I.)